The benefits of taking vitamins during pregnancy are backed by leading health institutions and previous clinical studies. However, new research from Denmark that focused on vitamin D has found that pregnant women who took a larger dose than normally recommended may have provided a more significant benefit to their offspring’s bone health.

Researchers monitored the offspring with periodic bone scans through age 6, recording bone density and evidence of fractures. Overall, children whose mothers took 2,800 units had significantly higher bone density at age 6, compared to children in the placebo group. The most substantial effect was observed in mothers who had baseline vitamin D insufficiency and among children born during the winter months, said Nicklas Brustad, M.D., of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

About 7 percent of children whose mothers consumed the high vitamin D dose suffered bone fractures by age 6, compared with 11 percent in the placebo group. The high doses did not affect birth weight or the height or weight of the 6-year-old children.

If you are pregnant, please consult with Doctor Smith or Doctor Madisa regarding the proper dosage of vitamin D supplements for you and your baby.

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