Doctor Gordon Smith was born and raised in the West of Scotland, educated at the University of Glasgow and graduated in 1978, winning the prize in child health as an undergraduate. He moved to Grand Cayman in 1992 and established a practice, mainly Neonatology/Pediatrics (Paediatrics), General Practice and Dive Medicine. In 2010 he established the first multi-doctor children’s clinic in the Cayman Islands. Doctor Smith has attended over 5000 deliveries and is now experiencing some of his early patients entering parenthood themselves.

Dr. Segomotso Madisa was born in Botswana and graduated from The University of the West Indies. She obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the St Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago, and her Doctor of Medicine Pediatrics from the Mona Campus. Dr. Madisa has experience in emergency pediatric medicine, primary care, air transport of neonates and neonatal intensive care.

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