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Welcome to the Children’s Clinic

Dedicated to providing the best in preventive and acute care for infants, children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Gordon Smith, Consultant Pediatrician and Family Practitioner is the founder and medical director of this practice.
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Emergency number

Should you require assistance after hours please call our office number: 949 2970 where you will be provided the on-call doctors name and number.


Welcome to the Children’s Clinic

The Children’s Clinic and Family Practice, Cayman, dedicated to providing the best preventive and acute care for infants, children and adolescents since 2001.

Dr. Gordon Smith pioneered the pediatric practice after arriving in Grand Cayman in 1992. He moved his clinic to purpose-built premises in 2001 and established the first multi-doctor children’s clinic in 2010. Today, the clinic not only welcomes children but their parents and grandparents too!

In addition to providing the best care possible for patients, The Children’s Clinic also focuses on providing comprehensive care to parents caring for their children. A long-term doctor/patient relationship between family and pediatrician is encouraged.

Pediatrics in the Cayman Islands is similar to the USA, where a pediatrician is a primary care doctor. We strive to provide culturally competent pediatric care that meets the needs of the diverse population we serve.

Our doctors are from a wide range of backgrounds. Dr. Gordon Smith is Scottish and trained in the U.K. and Canada. Dr. Madisa is from Botswana and trained in Trinidad, Jamaica and The Bahamas.

The clinic is within walking distance of the main George Town Hospital, and a short two-minute car ride to Doctors Hospital (formerly Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital). Our convenient location allows our doctors to handle any emergency that may occur at the hospital quickly.

Make and appointment


All patients require an appointment. We strive to provide appointment dates and times as requested, depending upon availability. Patients who arrive without an appointment will be treated during the next available opening unless the medical staff determines the visit requires urgent attention.

Well exams, consultations, sick visits, and follow up appointments are made during regular office hours Monday through Friday. Saturday morning clinic hours are for urgent concerns and people with challenging schedules who cannot book Monday through Friday appointments.

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For Adults
For 0-16 Children

Well Exams

We request Parents to call in advance to schedule well exams, and often, for infants, this may be done before leaving the office from a current exam. Please try to anticipate well in advance your need for camp, school, athletic, and other examinations with a deadline.

Sick Appointments

Sick appointments: We have openings available at the start of each workday to see sick children and encourage you to call as early as possible if your child needs an appointment. Sick visits usually focus on a single problem and tend to be shorter visits.

After Hour Emergencies

Should you require assistance after hours, please call our office number at 949-2970, and you will be provided with the on-call doctor’s name and number.

Waiting Room

Waiting Room

When possible, we request that you limit the number of children, friends, and relatives accompanying your child to the office. We understand, of course, that on occasion babysitting or transportation problems may leave you no choice.

Due to recent studies documenting the need for, or benefit of, separate waiting rooms for well and sick children, The Children’s Clinic will make an effort to limit the transmission of illnesses by reducing the time children spend in our waiting room.

We encourage all families to check our Facebook page frequently. It will provide medical information, office updates and physician information, a listing of our well exam schedule and immunizations, and special notices that may relate to your child.

You will also find links to the American Academy of Pediatrics and information approved by our physicians to assist you in the care of your child, especially if they are sick. You will also be able to complete and print new patient forms to bring with on your first visit to our office.


Telephone and What’sApp
Consultations available!

Clinical staff are available to discuss problems and concerns you have regarding your child. They have been instructed on specific information to provide about common pediatric illnesses and will consult with a physician prior to giving advice if there is an unusual situatuion.

We have found it difficult for physicians to receive telephone calls and maintain an appointment schedule without creating long waits for patients in the office. Some problems cannot be evaluated over the telephone, such as skin rashes, and you will be instructed to schedule and appointment.

Additionally, if you remain concerned after receiving advice from our clinical staff, call and arrange for a physician to see your child.

Whenever possible, we ask that calls requesting medical advice be made when the office is open and out staff has access to your child’s medical records. If an urgent problem arises and you cannot wait for the office to open, you may call out on-call service. We ask that you utilize this service for serious concerns.

Hospital Care

Our physicians attend routine deliveries and provide newborn care at both hospitals. We also attend high risk deliveries at the Health Services Authority – HSA (GTH Hospital) and provide NICU services when necessary.

If a child needs to be admitted to hospital, we admit to the pediatric (paediatric) ward at the HSA, which has trained pediatric (paediatric) nurses to care for your child in a child friendly environment.

Having a Baby

Having a baby in the Cayman Islands is similar to the U.S.A. hospital system. The OB/GYN will advise expectant mums to find a Paediatrician well before the due date.
Dr.  Smith tells mums, “the best incubator for the baby is inside mum until 37  weeks.” and ” Women have been having babies for thousands of years, and we  expect a newborn to cry within a few seconds of delivery.”

The first five minutes of life are vital, and therefore a Paediatrician will always be at C sections, ventouse deliveries, twins, and all high-risk scenarios.

Dr. Smith and Dr. Madisa are very experienced and well trained and available  24/7 to look after your newborn.  Our office is within walking distance of the hospital, so we can be there in 60 seconds if an emergency should arise.

We encourage you to make an appointment to  meet “our team” and have a chat with the  doctor who will care for your baby after  delivery

Insurance & Payments

At the end of your child’s visit, you will be given an encounter form to take to the cashier. The total charged will be based on services rendered during the appointment.

The Children’s Clinic Cayman is a “fee for service” practice and, as such, payment is required at the end of the visit. We contract with several insurance companies. Once your deductible (if you have one) has been met, we will accept a co-pay and submit a claim on your behalf.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, personal checks, and expect payment from the parent accompanying the child to the visit.

If an absent parent has financial responsibility, we must ask for payment from you and allow you to make arrangements with the responsible party.

Our Doctors

Dr. Gordon Smith was born and raised in the West of Scotland, educated at the University of Glasgow and graduated in 1978, winning the prize in child health as an undergraduate.

After initial house officer jobs, he started training in Pediatrics (Paediatrics) in Leicester, Leeds and Dundee in the United Kingdom, then undertook a fellowship in Neonatology in Vancouver, Canada. He then changed track and underwent further training in general practice and dive medicine in Scotland.

He moved to Grand Cayman in 1992 and established a practice, mainly Neonatology/Pediatrics (Paediatrics), General Practice and Dive Medicine.

He moved into his purpose-built premises in 2001, and in 2010 established the first multi-doctor children’s clinic in the Cayman Islands.

Over the past 28 years in Grand Cayman, he has attended over 5000 deliveries and is now experiencing some of his early patients entering parenthood themselves.

Outside of the office, his main interests are golf, swimming, windsurfing and family.

Dr. Segomotso Madisa

Dr. Segomotso Madisa is a Pediatrician who joined The Children’s Clinic in 2019. She hails from Botswana, where she was born and raised. She is a graduate of The University of the West Indies. She obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the St Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago, and her Doctor of Medicine Pediatrics from the Mona Campus.

Throughout Dr. Madisa’s medical training and career, she has worked in Trinidad, Bahamas and Jamaica. She has gained experience in emergency pediatric medicine, primary care and specialty clinics. She also has experience in air transport of neonates and neonatal intensive care, having worked in the neonatal intensive care unit in Princess Margaret Hospital, Nassau, Bahamas. Dr. Madisa loves travelling and reading.

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